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  • DIY FTW - Rental Friendly Accent Wall

    Custom removable wall decals for less than $15!
  • DIY FTW! Cabinet Upcycle

    Thrift proud! From $6 beat up cabinet to a classic faux tambour piece that is entryway goals!
  • DIY FTW! Bamboo Light Vibes

    How we went from a blah paper lamp shaded standing lamp to a chic modern boho pendant sconce
  • Mental Health is Key to Actual Health

    This is not the first blog about this you've seen lately, to be honest, it's not the first blog from me you've seen about this but it's mental heal...
  • Let's Talk About Stress Baby

    So here's the deal friends, lately, I've been putting some serious thought into how stress impacts my body. It's no secret that my body has had iss...
  • Things I’m No Longer Buying

    As we head into 2020, I wanted to chat a bit about sustainability and how I’m trying to make it a focus in my life. Y’all know I love thrifting for...
  • Hey Whatcha Readin?

    I am a reader, I have always been a reader and I tend to devour books and stories with a passion. But it wasn't until I started working in the job I'm in now that I really explored the idea of reading self help books. I am very lucky to work at a company that not only let's me work from home, but that places importance on professional and personal development. Suddenly I had time to actually read these books I'd been hearing about, and better yet had an awesome friend to recommend some great reads to me (Hey Katie!). So I wanted to take some time and call out these books that really sparked something within me so that you could read them too.

    • A singles guide to surviving Valentines day...actually let's be real Valentines month


      What do you do when you're single on Valentines day?

      Well I'll tell you what I've decided to do, first I went and bought myself some of that 1/2 price fancy chocolate, because I'm a grown ass woman who takes care of her damn self...and because mmm chocolate. But I have also spent the month treating myself differently. 

    • So Happy I'm 30

      Oh damn friends! We back :) Just a quick exploration of the month of January and thoughts as I turn 30. Thanks for being a part of my journey and I hope you like what's to come!
    • Getting Organized

      So I wanted to talk about a topic very near and dear to my overly organized type A self - ORGANIZATION! I love being organized, and I fully admit to having an addiction to calendars, but that is also the first thing that goes when I am busy or stressed. Which really only serves to make me more stressed, because no one likes coming home to a place that looks like this
    • Fast Fashion and Gettin' Thrifty

      So here's the deal friends, we throw out A LOT of clothes! And I won't lie I'm super guilty of it as well, it's so easy to go out and buy a new outfit when I'm feeling kinda meh about myself or my life. It's a great pick me up! But what happens in 2 months when I look at that new shirt and I HATE it, it gets thrown out or sent to a thrift store.