DIY FTW - Rental Friendly Accent Wall

DIY FTW - Rental Friendly Accent Wall

If you're anything like me COVID has really made you evaluate your space and the things you have in it. For me it's this one wall that has been driving me crazy. It's part of my entry way and was really just boring, it's where the cat's food is but nothing else was going on there. But since it's in the entry anything I did there would need to be low profile (so no more cute cabinets). In my rental I can't paint or put holes in the walls so that meant that whatever I did here needed to be able to be removed easily when it comes time for me to move out. 

blank wall

I started by heading to Pinterest (of course) to try and find some simple accent wall options that I could easily DIY. My first thought was a black line pattern but after living with that idea for a few days and taping up some samples I decided it was just too dark. So I headed back to my trusty Cricut and snagged some gold vinyl to try a new option. 

This little chevron cost me a total of 1.39 for the design on the Cricut design space and the large roll of vinyl was 9.99 so total cost for the wall itself was under 15 bucks! I then added a cute circle shelf and some faux plants and boom cute little accent wall I can't stop staring at! 

chevron accent wall

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