The Sasspot Story

Hello friends!

I'm Alicia - the boss babe behind Sasspot Creations!


Creating Sasspot was all about embracing my inner sasspot and encouraging others to do the same. I had found myself creating and crafting for friends and family and people kept suggesting I make it a thing. So I have!

Along the way a friend introduced me to the world of thrifting and I started to learn more about fast fashion and the impact it has on our world. The Stay Sassy blog has a great post with more info on this if you're curious. So Sasspot quickly became about using thrifted fabrics to create my goods. It's amazing the beautiful prints you can find if you're willing to hunt for them. 

The idea of sustainable fashion and sustainability in general prompted me to look at ways I could reuse more in my own home, so straw cases and makeup wipes became a thing to offer and I keep looking into new items that will help us all take small steps to becoming better humans and protecting the earth a bit more. 


Real facts:

  • 99.99% of these items were created in front of Netflix
  • My craftroom (apartment in general TBH) often looks like something blew up
  • Ryker (my cat) is a terrible product tester, but loves that I now have a stash of cat nip on hand all the time
  • Your inner Sasspot deserves to be nurtured and treated to goodies :)
  • I have too many fabric stashes because I keep finding new gems
  • I now own way too many scrunchies but I just love the fabrics so much I can't resist keeping one for myself