So Happy I'm 30

So Happy I'm 30

Hello friends! 

This is a quick update on what's going on with the shop and my right now. After the insanity that was the Christmas season I decided to take a break for a while, I didn't let myself make stuff, I didn't update the product listings, de nada. 

Why you ask? Well because it's my birthday month and I decided to honour my level of extra and take a break. Of course being me I didn't really take a break and wound up brainstorming new products to take Sasspot into the next season. So keep an eye on the store and our socials for new announcements coming soon :)

So why 30 and why the month long break? Well because I wanted to celebrate how many wins I had in my 20s and take some time to reflect and recharge before charging head first into this year. 

Turns out in that process I also took some time to understand myself better and I figured I'd share some of the cool things I have going on with all of you who bother to read this (also thanks for that team you guys rock). 

1) My 20s were a time of transformation, a lot happened, and I grew a lot in that time frame. I was thrown a few (actually a lot) of curveballs in my relationships, health and in my work life but I think I weathered those quite well and I'm entering my 30s feeling very secure in my life and myself.

2) I started a business! This is crazy to me because I never thought this would be something I would do, and I want to thank you all for being a part of that journey.

3) I learned the lesson to take care of myself first. I am a people pleaser and I want people to be proud of me so it is very easy for me to make myself the last thing I worry about. This leads to burn out and illness and it's generally just not healthy. So my New Years Resolution is to say no more often to things that won't actually benefit me and take care of myself more.

4) On the topic of self care, I started a self care box exchange with my coworkers to encourage more people to take time for themselves. The response to this idea was staggering and I feel so encouraged by the response. We work remotely from home so having actual human contact isn't something we get all the time and it is so nice to have someone who's thinking of you. 

So now we're winding down the month of January and that means I need to put my gameface back on and get my stuff in gear. New products are coming, but I'd love to know - what kinds of things would you like to see on the blog? Do you want to know more about the self care exchange? Do you need more sass in your life? 


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