Getting Organized

Getting Organized

Hello friends! We back :) 

It's been a very hectic season between taking Sasspot out to vendor shows (and meeting some rad people - thanks new customers!), working and teaching. But we back bloggin baby!

So I wanted to talk about a topic very near and dear to my overly organized type A self - ORGANIZATION! I love being organized, and I fully admit to having an addiction to calendars, but that is also the first thing that goes when I am busy or stressed. Which really only serves to make me more stressed, because no one likes coming home to a place that looks like this:

So I decided to take this gifs advice and clean up my shit!

I work from home so my apartment isn't just my home but it's my office as well and working in clutter is not so productive. When you come home to clutter, live in clutter and work in clutter it can cause you to feel drained and your mental health will suffer. 

Here are few of my organization tips and tricks that always work for me :)

  • Keep, Toss, Donate/Sell
    • Go through your stuff and get rid of the things you don't need anymore. For me a lot of this comes from my past competitive dance teacher life (old props, competition kits, etc.) but also from trying to create an awesome display for vendor shows which often involves some trial and error, especially with new products.
    • Make up 3 boxes or bags or piles - whatever floats your boat. And go through and sort it out then get rid of the things in Toss and Donate - you don't need em!
    • PRO TIP: post the donate/sell items on a Facebook buy and sell group (those things are EVERYWHERE) and if it doesn't go in a week donate it. No shame in making a little $$ when you get rid of your stuff.
  • Rearrange things
    • Layout is just as important as getting rid of the junk. When your room is laid out well it can make you think that things are in hand even if they are a bit messy. Clutter causes your brain to recognize the mess faster - it's science (from a non scientist)
  • Don't discount the value of hidden storage
    • When all else fails hide your stuff! Remember when you were a teenager and didn't want your mom to find your alcohol stash so you hid it under your bed? Same rule applies! 
    • Storing things out of view not only keeps your place from looking cluttered but can also make your place look more put together. I am a huge fan of baskets and bins because they look so nice and hide all my stuff (like my fabric and yarn stash)
  • Make use of vertical storage
    • Height is your friend! Make use of shelving and pegboards to get things off of your desks and surfaces it's amazing how having a clean surface tricks our heads into thinking we actually have it together.

Anyway those are a few of my fave tips and tricks, I'm going to get back to rearranging my office/craft room and my life now that I have time. And let me tell you even the small bit of it I did today has made me feel worlds better.


What are your organization tips and tricks?

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